Tine Sews: Me Made May Day 11 to 20

It's time again to update you on my Me Made May 2015. I almost always managed to take the pictures in the morning before leaving for work, but for two days, I had to cheat and took the picture later.

Day 11:

Going to work again, after a lovely weekend with my family. I was a bit chilly, so I chose a me-made corduroy skirt with heart-printed tights and a grey cashmere short sleeved knit top. The skirt is really niceely made and I love the colour. Note to myself: Make a similar skirt for summer in a summery fabric!

Day 12:
I'm repeating an outfit that I wore for last years Me Made May. The blouse is made by me, but really old. I think I must have made it in 2008 or so. I still love the fabric and the cut of it. I should use the pattern again this year.

Day 13:
Both, jeans and T-Shirt, were made by me and are much loved. The fabric of the jeans, was a purchase at the Dutch fabric market. I still have about 30 cm of the fabric left and think of making shorts or a skirt combining the fabric with a black jeans left-over. The T-Shirt is my favourite at the moment, love the olive green.

Day 14:
A public holiday in Germany again, so I wore my leggings and a T-Shirt for a day of cleaning my apartment and sewing a bit.

Day 15:
A chiffon blouse with RTW jeans. This is what I wore for half of the day, before changing into a company T-Shirt for the rest of the day to attend a Cosplay event in Hamburg as a representative of our company.

Day 16:
It's been rag curl time! And a nice outfit of me-made jeans and a 3/4 sleeve shirt made of the softest jersey ever, so comfortable.

Day 17:
It was a rainy day on a weekend, so I stayed in for the whole day and had to add a sweater and leggings later because it was really chilly.

Day 18:
My new version of self-drafted culottes inspired by Megan Nielsen and a raglansleeve T-Shirt. Are you tired of seeing this pattern again? I'm not!

Day 19:
I just finished the shirt the evening before and had to wear it with my favourite flared black jeans. I like the shirt, though I imagined it to be a bit more of a relaced fit. Oh, and I should really learn how to do an FBA, because there is some gaping on the front, if I close all the buttons.

Day 20:
Wearing another new make that I just made on the weekend before. It's a simple rayon dress, with a little bit of an A-line. I like the colour and it's really nice to accessorize.

How is your Me Made May 2015 going?


Tine Sews: The Backpack

Backpacks had a comeback in the last years and naturally I wanted to have one too. So, for work I already designed a backpack and released the sewing instructions, but never got around to make it for myself as well.

But a month or so ago I finally ordered the matching multi-purpose binding straps, a lining fabric and backpack closures. The only thing that I couldn't get at work was a 60 cm non-dividable zipper, so I got that at the fabric store nearby. I also got the main fabric for the backpack there, but it was quite some time ago.

Actually the fabric inspired our designer to design a similar one, that we are going to produce ourselves at work. The fabric I used is a quilting cotton weight, which is, I had to realise that, not the sturdiest fabric and not so suitable for a backpack. But I loved the print, so I tried to strengthen it with a lot of interfacing and some adjustments.

The fabric that our company is going to produce will be a half panama weave, so it will be much more suitable for bags and backpacks.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the backpack.
 The bottom of the front features a zipper pocket.
 I used matching red zippers for the backpack opening and the zipper bag in the front.
 The zipper is easy to set in and is topstitched.
For my version I made padded straps and only used the multi-purpose binding straps on the bottom. I love the yellow of the straps!
Do you see the horizontal seam in the middle of the back? I had a minor problem, when I once carried too much in my newly made backpack and the fabric ripped next to the bottom strap. So I interfaced the botttom part with Decovil and also made a second layer interfaced with Decovil that I added to the bottom. This second layer is a little bit longer than the back pattern piece, so that I could attach the straps with a more sturdy stitched little square.
There is a hanger on the top of the backpack.
 The backpack closures are unfortunately only available in black.
 Here you can see the interfaced parts of the back of the backpack.
 The little squares help to distribute the force on the straps more evenly.
The inside is not pretty, but it does the job. Here you also see the fun dotted yellow cotton lining that I used.

I used this backpack quite a lot already and it also travelled to Oslo and Cologne with me.
This is my backpack on the ferry from Oslo to Kiel. I did a quick city trip to Oslo together with my father at the end of April.
And it also travelled to the craftsfair in Cologne with me in March.


Tine Talks: Stoffwechsel 2015 - mein Steckbrief

I'm very bad with taking part in sew-a-longs or any other community project apart from other sewing swaps, but when Constanze of Nahtzugabe offered me her space in the Stoffwechsel project I immediately thought that it would be a great idea.

The Stoffwechsel is a project that was started last year. A group of bloggers found together under the organisation of Hannah from Siebenhundertsachen. The concept is simple: Every blogger posts her fabric characteristics, then Hannah mixes the group so that everybody has got a partner and then everybody sends his partner anonymously a parcel with one or two fabrics, that she thinks would suit the other blogger. Then everybody has got some time to make something from the fabric and blogs about that.

I have been fascinated to read about the project last year and now I'm very happy to take part.
As this is a German project I'll post my characteristics in German, but am going to translate them as well.

Was nähst du am liebsten für dich?
What is your favourite thing to sew for yourself? 
Ich nähe am liebsten Bekleidung und hin und wieder auch mal eine Tasche oder einen Rucksack, dann aber meistens unaufwendige Projekte. An Kleidung nähe ich in letzter Zeit vor allem viele Oberteile und Röcke oder Hosen. Einmal im Jahr nähe ich meist ein aufwendigeres Projekt, wie zuletzt einen Mantel oder eine Bikerjacke. Ich bin dafür bekannt, dass ich einen Schnitt gerne vier bis fünfmal nähe.
I like to sew clothes and only occassionally a bag or a backpack, mostly simple projects though. Clothes I've sewn in the last couple of months were mostly tops and jeans or skirts. Once a year I usually sew a complex project, like lastly a coat or a biker jacket. I'm known for sewing a pattern four to five times.

Hast du dir für diese Frühjahrs/Sommersaison Pläne gemacht, etwas bestimmtes vorgenommen? Was wirst du wohl als nächstes nähen wollen?
Do you have special plans for this spring/summer season, anything in particular? What are you probably going to sew next? 
Eigentlich habe ich mir erstmal vorgenommen die Stoffe aus meinem Stofflager zu vernähen, doch ich träume davon mir einen zweiten Trenchoat zu nähen - am liebsten aus einem Wax Print. Leider habe ich in Hamburg noch kein Geschäft gefunden, wo ich den perfekten kleingemusterten Stoff finden kann.
Actually I plan to sew with fabrics from my stash first, anyway I dream about sewing a second trenchcoat - best with an African wax print fabric. Unfortunately I haven't found a shop in Hamburg yet, where I can find the perfect small patterned African fabric.
Miss Celie's Pants
Dixie DIY
sew Amy sew

Die Glaubensfrage: Webstoff oder Jersey? Oder doch beides?
The question of belief: Woven fabrics or jersey? Or both? 
Auf jeden Fall beides. Ich habe fast genau so viele Jerseyröcke, wie Röcke aus Webware und auch bei Oberteilen habe ich sowohl simple T-Shirts als auch Blusenshirts.
Definitely both. I have almost as many jersey skirts as skirts from woven fabrics and also for tops I use jersey for simple t-shirts as well as wovens for blousy shirts.

Welches Material vernähst du am liebsten (z.B. Viskose, Baumwolle, Wolle, …) – gegen was hast du eine (starke) Abneigung?
Which material do you like to sew with best (e.g. viscose, cotton, wool,...) - what do you dislike most? 
In letzter Zeit liebe ich Viskose und Baumwollstoffe in Voile-Qualität. Wolle vernähe ich nur im Winter. Ich mag auch leichte Jeansstoffe wie z.B. Chambray oder Baumwolljersey. Wenn ich einen Jersey mit Wollanteil in einer Farbe, die mir gefällt, sehe, nehme ich den meistens auch mit.
Lately I love viscose or cotton fabrics in voile-quality. I only sew with wool in winter. I also like soft jeans fabrics like a chambray or cotton jersey. If I see a jersey with a woolen content in a colour that I like, I usually get it.

Was sind deine Lieblingsfarben, welche stehen dir gut? Welche gehen gar nicht?
Which are your favourite colors? Which suit you best? Which colours are a no-go?
Ich mag grau, pink, schwarz, khaki, jeans, türkis, rot. Ich habe auch Kleidungsstücke in Grün oder Pastellfarben, diese trage ich aber meistens nicht so häufig. Die Farben dürfen ruhig gerne kräftig sein.
I like grey, pink, black, olive, jeans, turquoise, red. I also own clothes in green or pastell colours, but I rarely wear them. Colour should be strong.

Welche Muster magst du? Groß oder klein? Blumen, Streifen, Punkte? Oder sind Muster vielleicht gar nicht so deins?
Which pattern do you like? Small or big? Flowers, stripes, dots? Or are patterns not your thing at all?
Ich mag afrikanisch oder andere ethnisch angehauchte Prints. Gerne auch geometrische Formen. Die Muster können groß oder klein sein, das geht beides. Blumen habe ich schon lange nicht mehr gekauft und wenn sind es eher abstrakte Blütenformen oder gezeichnete Drucke. Streifen kaufe ich auch selten, Punkte gehen aber immer!
I like African or other ethnic inspired prints. Also I like geometric prints. Patterns can be small or big, both works for me. Flower prints I haven't bought for a long time and if I did it was either an abstract print or drawn prints. I seldom buy stripes, but dots always work!

Was sind die Kleidungsstücke, die dir (in letzter Zeit) in deinen Augen am besten gelungen sind? (Bitte mit Link oder Foto) Sind welche dabei, die du vor allem wegen ihres Stoffes magst?
Which projects from the last months are you favourites? Are their projects you like because of the fabric? 
Ich mage mein Elsie-Kleid und auch die simplen Shirts in Khaki. Das Elsie-Kleid mag ich vor allem wegen des Viskosestoffes mit grafischem Muster in meinen Lieblingsfarben und bei den Oberteilen überzeugte mich auch der schöne Khakiton.
I like my Elsie-dress and ols the simple shirts in olive. The Elsie-dress I like especially because of the viscose fabric with its graphic pattern in my favourite colours and the fabric of the tops convinced me because of the beautiful olive shade.

Wieviel Stoff verbrauchst du ca. für einen Rock, ein Oberteil, ein Kleid? Welche Mindestmenge benötigst du für die Verarbeitung? Oder hast du sogar ein Maximalmaß für Stoff?
How much fabric do you need for a skirt, a top, a dress? Which is your minimum length you buy? What is the maximum you buy? 
Ich kaufe für Röcke und Oberteile 1 m. Für Hosen, Blusenhemden und Kleider meist 1,5 m. Ich kaufe selten mehr als 2 m. Denn aus 2 m bekomme ich meist schon zwei Kleidungsstücke hin.
Für den geplanten Trenchcoat aus einem Wax Print würde ich ca. 3,5 m benötigen. Ich benutze das Schnittmuster Trenchcoat 113 B burda style 09/2010.
I buy 1 m for shirts and skirts. For jeans, shirt blouses or dresses usually 1,5 m. I rarely buy more than 2 m. Because often I can get two garments of 2 m. For the trenchcoat that I plan to make from a wax print, I'd need about 3.5 m.

Gibt es sonst noch etwas, das dich als Näh-/Stofftyp in deinen Augen ausmacht?
Is there anything else that defines you as a fabric or sewing type?
In der letzten Zeit kaufe ich gerne Stoffe, die durch ihre Struktur, ihre Farbe oder ihre Qualität wirken. Ich bin ein kleiner Fabric-Snob und kaufe keine Polyesterstoffe.
Lately I love to buy fabrics that I like because of their structure, their colour or quality. I'm a little bit of a fabric-snob and don't buy polyester fabrics.

Thank you to Hannah and Lotti for organizing this years Stoffwechsel. I'm very excited who is going to be my exchange partner!


Tines Sews: Me Made May Day 1 to 10

Originally I planned to keep you updated on my Me-made May every five days, but then as always, life happenend and I didn't get around to gather my thoughts and write this post, but anyway, here they are the first ten outfits of Me-made May 2015.

Day 1:
The first of May is a bank holiday in Germany, so I stayed in all day, did some housework and just relaxed. I wore a comfortable outfit of a jersey skirt, which doesn't get much wear usually and a raglansleeve shirt made of a lovely jersey with a bit of a woolen content. The outfit was simple but great for the day's activities.

Day 2:
On Saturday I wore an outfit that I'm always drawn to, jeans and a T-Shirt. This T-Shirt doesn't get much wear, because if I wore it as it is, it would be a very mini dress and to wear it as a T-Shirt I have to pull it up a little and it tends to form a not very flattering tummy. But otherwise I really like the print and maybe I'm just gonna shorten it. But then, it could be actually nice to wear it to the beach with the mini length, so maybe I'll take it to my next holiday and then see, how much wear it gets.

Day 3:
Also an outfit I like to wear, a nice shirt or blouse and one of my mini skirts. I got this woven fabric in two colourways and combined it in this top. Unfortunately it forms a bit of a weird crease in the bust area, so I'm not sure, if I'll keep it. Might be able to be fixed, so I might try that. Otherwise it's a nice blouse.

Day 4:
I don't know, if this a tunic or a dress. The fabric is a lovely eyelet, but it's to see through to wear it without a top or slipdress underneath. And the length is weird again, I don't know why I always do the same mistake again. Because it wasn't warm enough to wear it without tights I wore some olive leggings and moccassin booties.

Day 5:
This is the pair of pants I made for the Fashion Week in Berlin last year. I haven't worn them much, but they are actually quite cool and fit well. On Day 5 of Me-made May 2015 I wore them with a grey tee and in the morning with a grey cardigan. The tee was made by me as well.

Day 6:
Even though everyone assumes I did, I didn't make this skirt but bought it in a thrift shop in Berlin, when they had a super sale. I made the Sorbetto top in a lovely silk. This should definitely get more wear! To get a little bit of an edge in the outfit I paired it with my new slip-ons, that I got at a flea market for 3 €.

Day 7:

On Thursday I decided to wear a sweater again that I upcycled last year. It took a while until I found this grey sweater, but when I got it, it had a small hole in the front. I wanted to cover it with fabric circle anyway, so it was a perfect match. I cut out some small circle of old fabric swatches and then sewed them on to the sweater using a zig-zag stitch. Et voilá, a new and very unique sweater was born! The skirt I'm wearing is my proven pattern again and is made of blue denim.

Day 8:
For the last day of the week at work I wore the blouse I made for Fashion Week last year and paired it with my new olive skinny jeans, that I bought on a trip to Oslo/Norway. I also wore a hairband inspired by Tilly and the Buttons idea.

Day 9 and 10:
As I travelled to my Mum's place for Mothers Day I wore the same outfit on Saturday and Sunday. I always travel with light luggage, so I didn't take much other options. Wearing the same olive jeans again and a shirt with blue and red stripes.

These were my first ten days of Me-made May 2015. How did yours go?


Tine Sews: Me Made May 2015

Last year I managed to document my handmade outfits in May nearly everyday. Though I didn't manage to blog about it and you could only see them on my Instagram.

I wear a me-made garment nearly everyday, and my me-made wardrobe is fairly large so I believe it won't be a problem to participate this year. Anyway, I have a couple of things sitting in my closet, that I don't wear so frequently, therefore I want to integrate them in my pledge.  Also I want to find out, why I don't wear them and maybe donate the garments that don't fit into my life anymore.

'I, Tine from sewontrend.blogspot.com, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '15. I endeavour to wear at least one me-made garment each day for the duration of May 2015. Moreover I want to wear especially the garments, I haven't worn that often and donate the pieces to a charity, if I didn't want to wear them during May.'

I always feel bad, when I give away clothes, that I don't wear anymore, because I feel stupid for buying or making them once. But I guess it's better to have a smaller wardrobe of things you love instead of a stuffed closet, where you don't even remember that you have the garments.

I'm going to share my thoughts and outfits every day on Instagram and do a round up every five or six days, depending on my schedule. I will also take part in the German Stoffwechsel challenge. I hope I've got the time to keep you updated on everything. But as my sewing machine is in the repair shop again, I am not able to sew and can spend the evenings writing blog posts and taking pictures.


Tine Sews: Three Times T-Shirts

Somentimes I spend a whole afternoon by myself, only accompanied by loud music and the occasional snack, in front of my sewing machine. I love these sewing sessions and it's a good way for me to rewind and relax after a week of working.
This weekend was the first one that I could really just do what I wanted to do and because I had this fabric lying around for quite some time already, I finally made the 2 metres I had into three t-shirts.
I assembled them in factory style, meaning I cut all the pieces first, then did all the serger seams and then hemmed them with a twin needle, which made for very efficient use of sewing time.
The first shirt is this army green/ khaki T-Shirt with gathered or ruched sleeves, which I've already made a couple of times. I love that the detail of the sleeves gives the whole shirt a unique look and sets it apart from the regular T-Shirt. Also, I kind of love raglan sleeves, so that's a good thing about the shirt as well.
For a simple look I combine the T-Shirt with my black skinny jeans and some moccassin boots. The gathering from the sleeves continues along the neckband, which wasn't intended, but looks fine anyway.
I used black serger thread and for the twin needle hem a navy and a black thread, because I didn't have a matching colour by hand.
Sway back can be easily identified.
The second T-Shirt I made is the same pattern only with long sleeves. I like to wear this on colder evenings, it's a nice layering piece.
 Gathers are nearly distributed evenly.
The fabric is a viscose jersey, so I need to be careful, what I'm wearing underneath, so that not every lump and bump is visible.
The third T-Shirt was intended to be a crop top, but then I didn't like the look anymore and added a strip to the hem. I think this shirt needs to be washed a couple of times until it fits right.
It's still a simple yet modern look and will be great for different outfits.
This bag was made a couple of weeks ago after finding it in a fabric shop nearby. The pattern repeat had exactly the right size to make a nice tote bag.
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